“Cows that calve on time are the No. 1 predictor that cattle within that operation fit the managerial program. Furthermore, calf crops, uniform in size and age, have market advantages and exceed returns over calves that lack uniformity in both age and weight.”

BeefUP is a program that centers around the Calving Distribution Calculator or one's calving season. With receipts from cattle sales not always covering annual production costs, the need for added value is critical to producer success.  As producers look for ways to add value to their calf crop, this program will help identify areas of concern and lead to operational changes.  According to NAHMS, 2017, 54.4% of operations had one or more calving seasons lasting more than three months, therefore, additional information to promote a more uniform calf crop is of demand.   

BeefUP provides data on price spreads associated with calf crop uniformity. According to NAHMS, 2017, 59.4% of cattle are sold in sale barns. Therefore, incorporation of sale barn market data describing what drives market calf prices and provides added value will clearly define the need for a distinct calving season.   This will result in a more uniform calf crop, potentially more pounds of calf to sell, and an evaluation of other management practices that add value when calves are sold through the sale barn.