The Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), as part of the Office of Safety & Security, is committed to assisting South Dakota State University in making the university a safe learning, teaching, and working environment, and to contribute to the long term goal of environmental, sustainable, and social responsibilities.

EHS provides services to the university community to ensure university functions are performed in a safe environment and that SDSU is in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local safety and environmental regulations. By working with other administrative and academic departments, EHS works to minimize the university’s loss, exposure, and liability.

The EHS staff looks forward to engaging with the community to create the safest teaching and learning environments possible. While fully capable of responding efficiently to problems we are able to serve the community more effectively when we are involved before incidents occur. We ask that you look to the office as a planning and training resource to reduce the potential for an incident and to mitigate the effects should an incident occur.

To ensure faculty and staff access to information, EHS maintains a website on InsideState where additional information and resources are provided (requires SDSU account and password).