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You are about to embark on a semester long project that will involve you making decisions on a farm. All students start with the same farm and same inventory. That is the last time any two farms will look alike. You will make decisions, all of which impact your farm profit or losses. Some weather, insect, and disease situations will be random just as it is on any farm in NW Minnesota. Sometimes that won't seem fair when one of your fellow farmer classmates gets perfect weather and another gets hail. However, did that classmate have crop and hail insurance? That depends on the risk taking decision that was made. Every week a different topic will be discussed on the lab day. During the remaining days, you will be working independently with time spent keeping records, selling grain, purchasing inputs, hedging, and other day to day decisions that farmers make. You likely still have more questions, but let's get started and some of your questions will be answered. Other issues may need to be resolved along the way as the game moves along.